The League of Underwater Superheroes
The Eel Grass dives for the MDI Bio-Lab were a success.  After some initial searching for the first stop of the day the grids were quickly pulled from the bottom... 19 of the 20 were found and recovered.  On the second dive site we were able to retrieve 15 or the original 20.   At this point the tide was going fast and there was a bit of current on the bottom.  The 3rd dive spot yielded no grids... we found previous survey sites but not the newest site!  A new treasure hunt for the League.

DUE TO WEATHER - The Mount Desert Rock Trip has been rescheduled.  The boat is now leaving on Friday, April 8th at 10:30AM from the Bar Harbor Town Pier.  The Saturday Dive has been scheduled to leave at 3:30AM now to beat the incliment weather and winds moving into this area.   There will be no diving on Sunday.


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