The League of Underwater Superheroes
Tuesday, May 17, MDI YMCA @ 7 pm - show up early to put your gear together.

Normally we play underwater hockey with skin diving gear. This time we are going to try it in full scuba gear. I am not sure if this is a good idea or not, but come and find out. The worst case scenario is that we all die.
Check out the article here from the Bangor Daily News!!!  A great day was had by all.
The League of Underwater Superheroes is looking for volunteers to help clean up the harbor in Bar Harbor. We need topside help and divers. Kids are most definitely welcome. PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD. Everyone should bring clothes to get wet and dirty in and work gloves. Divers need to contact Diver Ed at 288-DIVE (3483) or Meet at the Bar Harbor Town Pier at Noon on Saturday.