The League of Underwater Superheroes
Here is a link from the Mount Desert Islander covering the clean up.

The League of  Underwater Superheroes website experienced a brief network outage as our domain name  was transferred to a new hosting provider.  We are back up and ready for action!!!  Wham!!! POW!!!

Be sure to check out our calendar for all of the new events and classes that are coming up!
Summer is coming into full swing for Dive-In Theater which means we’ll be seeing less of Diver Ed through the week.  Keep in mind that through the summer months there will be a weekly (Sunday morning) scuba diving charter.  These charters will be announced weekly and barring any nasty weather will take place as scheduled.  Keep checking back in here as we continue to build up the website with new information and photos.

Happy Summer to All!!!

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Tuesday, May 17, MDI YMCA @ 7 pm - show up early to put your gear together.

Normally we play underwater hockey with skin diving gear. This time we are going to try it in full scuba gear. I am not sure if this is a good idea or not, but come and find out. The worst case scenario is that we all die.
Check out the article here from the Bangor Daily News!!!  A great day was had by all.
The League of Underwater Superheroes is looking for volunteers to help clean up the harbor in Bar Harbor. We need topside help and divers. Kids are most definitely welcome. PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD. Everyone should bring clothes to get wet and dirty in and work gloves. Divers need to contact Diver Ed at 288-DIVE (3483) or Meet at the Bar Harbor Town Pier at Noon on Saturday.


$25 per dive for League members. There is an additional $25 charter fee for non-League members. If you need a tank air you need to let me know. I can supply air for $5 per tank.

I will provide coffee and tea. You should bring anything you want to eat or drink. I will have my grill on board for cooking food. 
Diver Ed was out to the Rock today to check out conditions for this weekend.  " Visibilty wasn't the greatest, but the swells are horrible."  Based on this information he has decided to cancell the dive charters and dive club meeting.
The Eel Grass dives for the MDI Bio-Lab were a success.  After some initial searching for the first stop of the day the grids were quickly pulled from the bottom... 19 of the 20 were found and recovered.  On the second dive site we were able to retrieve 15 or the original 20.   At this point the tide was going fast and there was a bit of current on the bottom.  The 3rd dive spot yielded no grids... we found previous survey sites but not the newest site!  A new treasure hunt for the League.

DUE TO WEATHER - The Mount Desert Rock Trip has been rescheduled.  The boat is now leaving on Friday, April 8th at 10:30AM from the Bar Harbor Town Pier.  The Saturday Dive has been scheduled to leave at 3:30AM now to beat the incliment weather and winds moving into this area.   There will be no diving on Sunday.